sample of celestine


Streak: White

Hardness: 3 – 3.5

Chemical Formula: SrSO4

Celestine or Celestite is a mineral consisting of stronitum sulfate. This mineral is known for it’s light blue color, although it can be found in other color variations. Celestine can be found in geodes and is most often found in crystal form, but also in compact and fibrous forms.

Celestine derives its name from the Latin word caelestis meaning celestial and is the name accepted by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). Celestine is a member of baryte group of minerals which also includes Anglesite, Baryte, and Hashemite.

Celestine in Ohio

Northwestern Ohio produces crystals of this mineral in colors ranging from white to a beautiful blue. Celestine can be found in Crystal Cave on South Bass Island

    • crystal cave and heineman winery 768x576

    Crystal Cave at Heineman Winery

Celestine in Pennsylvania

Celestine has also been mined in Pennsylvania at Bell’s Mill in Blair County.

Celestine Around the World

The blue Celestine that most people are familiar with comes from Northwestern Madagascar. Large crystals and geodes are frequently found there.

Author: Celeste