Small Keokuk Geode – Crack Your Own Whole Geode – 1″ – 2″





These geodes were mined by me at Jacob’s Geode Mine in Hamilton, Illinois.

These small geodes are generally 1.5 inches, but may range from 1 to 2 inches.

Keokuk geodes are found in the north-eastern most corner of Missouri. They can also be found in Iowa and Illinois. These geodes get their name from the Iowa city of Keokuk, located at the center of the collecting area.

These geodes can be found easily in this area where they often wind up in stream channels where water has eroded the rock, but some are mined at depths of up to 90 feet.

In a Keokuk geode, you can usually find beautiful white quartz crystals. The outer wall of these geodes is made up of chalcedony. When you find a keokuk geode it is not uncommon to find other minerals inside your geode. Pyrite, dolomite, and kaolinite have all been found inside keokuk geodes.

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One Geode (1), Five Geodes (5), 10 Geodes (10), 30 Geodes (30), 100 Geodes (100)

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