I picked up this geode cracking kit at a local hobby store and try it out! It includes 4 geodes from two different mines, safety goggles, a magnifying glass and 1 display stand.

Overall, it’s a pretty good kit but the trancas geode took me about 3 minutes to break open and I’ve split my thumb open pretty good cracking geodes like this so I definitely wouldn’t let younger kids do this unless you’re secretly just trying to teach them a lesson about hammer safety…..

I use my favorite geode cracking hammer, the 20oz Estwing Masonry hammer available here: https://amzn.to/3seXCH5​ (also good for breaking actual bricks which is what I was doing before recording this, please excuse the disgusting nails/dry ass hands from actual manual labor)

Geode Starter Rock Science Kit – Crack Open 4 Amazing Rocks and Find Crystals!​

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Author: Celeste